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Thanks to Chris L. for sending in his Toyota MR2 on WORK Emotion XD9 in Matte Gray Silver (MGS) Finish. Check out the super tidy garage setup! Thanks for representing WORK Wheels with a red WORK Wheels Banner!

Super Street - April 2010 issue Just checked out the April 2010 issue of Super Street magazine, big shout out to Charles for featuring WORK Wheels in their Wheel & Tire Guide (page 58 of the issue). Hit up your local newsstand and pick up the issue!

Also check them out here at Super Street Online!

Came across this cool video done by Daniel Kruthanooch of an aggressive Mazda Miata.  I love the way the owner Cody gets out of the driveway. Also check out the small details (00:30), like how the owner painted 4 out of the 8 spokes on his WORK Equip 03 wheels in Black Polish (BP) Finish. I like how that turned out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more WORK Equip 03 owners follow suit.

(Source: Daniel Kruthanooch)

ls_sc1_cs Came across this random pic on Jason’s Grain Of Salt, of a guy extremely curious about the inner workings of this Lexus LS.  Either that or he’s practicing on his ground work for an upcoming breakdance battle.  Bagged down low, this LS has a set of WORK Schwert SC1 in Crystal Silver (CS) Finish with Step Rim and Optional Red Centercap.

(Source: Jason’s Grain Of Salt)

Via Hella Flush, I came across this video from Jay.Aye of Saber Media.  If this is the teaser I can only imagine what the full version will look like.  Check out the WORK Meister S1 3P in White (WHT) Finish!

scooter_equip01_bp_02 I remember coming across this awhile back, and showing it to some friends. As a result of my excitement, I forgot to post it up, but I just was reminded thanks to Jason’s Grain Of Salt.

scooter_equip01_bp_01 I’ve posted up some interesting applications of WORK Wheels on vehicles, but this scooter takes the cake. Using a WORK Equip 03 in Black Polish (BP) Finish, this scooter wins my applause.

(Source: Jason’s Grain Of Salt)

Logan December 22, 2009

hellaflush_iputinwork To James @ Hella Flush for his feature on I Put In WORK!

(Source: Hella Flush)

occircuit_04 This past weekend, OC Circuit hosted their 11th Annual Toys 4 Tots / Drift For A Cause event in Huntington Beach, CA. Thanks to Randy C.V, who approached me regarding this event which we lent our support to.  Although wet weather was on the forecast, the skies cleared for a good cause and a lot of participants were out there having a good time.  Check out the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R sporting a set of WORK Meister S1 2P HPI Racing Chrome RC wheels!

occircuit_03 It’s always neat to see RC racers create bodies in their favorite race car livery and also add their custom touch to it.  Many RC manufacturers go as far as making licensed RC replica wheels, such as HPI Racing (WORK Meister S1 2P, WORK XSA-02C, WORK LS406, WORK Emotion XC8) and Yokomo (WORK Emotion CR Kai, WORK Emotion XC8, WORK Emotion XD9, WORK Emotion XT7).

occircuit_01 Congratulations to the Pro Class winners, who took home some trophies as well as some WORK Wheels goods.

occircuit_05 For many, putting in WORK extends beyond the RC track. The first place winner in the Pro Class actually runs a set of WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in Silver (SIL) Finish on his Lexus SC.

occircuit_02 They also had a Street class, with winners reppin their prizes.

For those interested in getting involved in the Socal RC racing scene, visit OC Circuit’s Myspace Page or visit their site Socal RC Racing here.

search In addition to the Category method of searching for wheels on this site, I decided to also add a search toolbar to add to the ease of finding what you are looking for. If the search toolbar is not appearing properly in the right side of the screen as shown, please make sure to clear your internet browser cache and refresh. Thank you to my web saavy friend David for making this change for me!

Thanks to Hugh over at Concept Racing in Texas, who forwarded me this awesome video shot by Andrew Hudson.  The footage is from the Stance of the Union event, which showcased the new Texas “stanced” movement.

In the video there’s a ton of WORK Wheels present, including the red 350Z in the beginning, sporting a set of WORK Euroline DH wheels in Silver Polish (SP) Finish. The fitment on that car is bananas, and even if you knew the numbers, the bigger challenge would be to fit it under stock metal like that guy did. If you want to get set up “stanced” style, hit up Hugh to get down with some serious fitment.

Kudos to the guys over in Texas and the “stanced” movement, it’s good to see owners who take pride in pushing the envelope and elevating the scene.