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Hellaflush Hawaii, this Saturday 4/14/12! Come visit the WORK Wheels booth and view many of our latest wheel offerings in person! Also check out a showcase of local vehicles equipped with WORK Wheels on the same level! For more details visit hellaflush.com

supra_vsxx_xg Came across some recent coverage by The Perfect Exposure of the recent Remix Award Tour 2010 Car Show. This Toyota Supra has a set of WORK VS-XX wheels in Extreme Gold (XG) Finish.

evo_s13p_bkb Here’s one I featured before, which is Danny Y’s Mitsubishi Evo 8 on WORK Meister S1 3P in Burning Black (BKB) Finish.

is_vsxx_m David Huang and his 2009 SEMA Showcase winning Lexus IS300 was also there, featuring a set of WORK VS-XX wheels in Chrome (M) Finish.

xb_equip01_bp Speaking of SEMA, here’s a Scion xB that was on display there, with a set of WORK Equip 03 wheels in Black Polish (BP) Finish.

s14_s12p_wht He also shot this clean Nissan 240sx (S14) on WORK Meister S1 2P wheels in White (WHT) Finish.

(Source: The Perfect Exposure)

hellaflush56 Thanks to Mark @ Fatlace for giving me the heads up on Hellaflush 5! If you’ve been fortunate to attend any of their previous events, you know only cars that are on point attend.  Make sure to attend!

For more information check it out on Hellaflush here!

lambo_ls406_mgm_01 Thanks to WORK Wheels Japan for sending over some pics they took at the recent Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland.

lambo_ls406_mgm_02 This Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 has a set of WORK LS406 in Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish on it.  Check out the Lamborghini centercaps in there as well.

kuroi_01 I got the shocking news that legendary D1GP driver Atsushi Kuroi has passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident. One of the drift drivers within WORK Wheels Japan’s motorsport program, he was well known for his crazy smoke and for his tuning shop River Side.  He will be missed.

s14_xd9_matte Thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare at Speedhunters for posting up more photos from Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. Here’s a S14 with a set of WORK Emotion XD9 wheels, which appears to been refinished custom in a matte black with brown trim ring.

s15_11r_mbl_01 This S15 Silvia has a set of WORK Emotion 11R wheels in Matte Black (MBL) Finish.

s15_11r_mbl_02 Also notice that they chose to run the optional Emotion 11R decals in white on the center potion of the wheels.

nsx_xc8_wmb Here’s a widebody NSX getting its shine on with a set of WORK Emotion XC8 in WORK Metal Buff (WMB) Finish.

(Source: Speedhunters #1, #2)

g35s_vsxs_gmp2 Thanks to Adam @ Z1 Performance for giving me the heads up on Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 Coverage over at Tunerzine. Here’s an Infiniti G35S Sedan on the new WORK VS-XS wheels in Gunmetal Cut Clear (GMP2) Finish. The VS-XS is a new 3-piece wheel in the WORK VS Concept series, which is a new addition for 2010.

sti_11rft_wht Another new addition to the WORK Wheels lineup is the WORK Emotion 11R-FT. Contrary to a current WORK Emotion 11R, the Emotion 11R-FT is a version created for motorsports usage. Utilizing a process called WORK Flowforming Technology (WFT), the 11R-FT has greater brake clearance, lighter weight, and stronger barrel strength. This Subaru STI features a set of WORK Emotion 11R-FT in White (WHT) Finish.

320i_11rft_brc Here’s another set of WORK Emotion 11R-FT in Black Cut Rim (BRC) Finish on a BMW 320i.

320i_11rft_gtrc Instead of wondering what other finishes might look like, they cleverly put WORK Emotion 11R-FT in Glim Silver (GTS) Finish on the other side.

odyssey_gs1sr_msl Another thanks goes out to Julius over at WheelSTO for forwarding me images from TAS as well. This Odyssey should look familiar to you, as I covered it a while back.  Wheels are WORK Gnosis GS1 in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish, with the Step Rim option.

s30z_s13p_blk All you Fairlady fanatics should be into this one, which is a S31Z done by Rocky Auto Japan.  Parked on a set of ultra wide WORK Meister S13P wheels in Black (BLK) Finish, this car is a beast.  I also previously covered this vehicle here.

hakosuka_eq03_bp Move out of the way buddy, I can’t see the Hakosuka! Classic Japanese old school looks so correct with a set of WORK Equip 03 in Black Polish (BP) Finish.

(Source: #1-4 Tunerzine, #5-7 WheelSTO)

occircuit_04 This past weekend, OC Circuit hosted their 11th Annual Toys 4 Tots / Drift For A Cause event in Huntington Beach, CA. Thanks to Randy C.V, who approached me regarding this event which we lent our support to.  Although wet weather was on the forecast, the skies cleared for a good cause and a lot of participants were out there having a good time.  Check out the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R sporting a set of WORK Meister S1 2P HPI Racing Chrome RC wheels!

occircuit_03 It’s always neat to see RC racers create bodies in their favorite race car livery and also add their custom touch to it.  Many RC manufacturers go as far as making licensed RC replica wheels, such as HPI Racing (WORK Meister S1 2P, WORK XSA-02C, WORK LS406, WORK Emotion XC8) and Yokomo (WORK Emotion CR Kai, WORK Emotion XC8, WORK Emotion XD9, WORK Emotion XT7).

occircuit_01 Congratulations to the Pro Class winners, who took home some trophies as well as some WORK Wheels goods.

occircuit_05 For many, putting in WORK extends beyond the RC track. The first place winner in the Pro Class actually runs a set of WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in Silver (SIL) Finish on his Lexus SC.

occircuit_02 They also had a Street class, with winners reppin their prizes.

For those interested in getting involved in the Socal RC racing scene, visit OC Circuit’s Myspace Page or visit their site Socal RC Racing here.

fiesta_s12p_wht Came across Mike Garrett’s LA Auto Show coverage over at Speedhunters.  For those in the Los Angeles area, the new 2011 Ford Fiesta customized by FSWerks is on display at the Ford section in the LA Auto Show.  WORK Wheels USA collaborated with FSWerks / Ford Motor Company on this project, creating a set of WORK Meister S1 2P wheels in White (WHT) Finish with a one-off White Barrel.

The LA Auto Show runs until Sunday, December 13, so make sure to check this well executed Fiesta while you still can.

(Source: Speedhunters)

Thanks to Scott @ Norm Reeves Honda Performance for giving me the heads up on the car show they are hosting this weekend!

Show location & time: 8am – 12pm @ 18500 Studebaker Rd. Cerritos CA 90703

Spectator parking (shuttles running 8-9am / 12pm-1230pm): 17720 Studebaker Rd. Cerritos CA 90703

For a good cause as well, toy drive and raffle tickets by donating canned foods

Good prizes too, including prizes such as:

– Laker tickets
– Snow Valley Lift Tickets,
– Free Oil Changes
– Eibach Valve springs
– Eibach Coilover Springs
– iPod Nano (3rd gen)
– HKS Goodies (oil filler caps, radiator caps, Circle Earth Systems, hats, tshirts, mechanics gloves, etc)
– 10×10 Caravan Canopy
– WORK Wheels goodies, Falken Tire goodies, and Kumho goodies

& More prizes!

For more info visit Norm Reeves Honda Performance site here