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lugnuts_campaign You read that right, free set of WORK RS Lightweight Aluminum lug nuts (MSRP $150.00) with a set of WORK Emotion wheels purchased between 12/1/2009 through 2/28/2010.  This isn’t a one day Black Friday sorta deal, you got a solid THREE MONTHS to not sleep on this!  Contact any WORK Authorized Dealer to take advantage while the promotion lasts!

Visit the News section @ WORK Wheels USA for more detailed information.

Besides wheels, WORK also makes various lug nuts, each of which serve a different purpose and fit various preferences. First off are the WORK RS Lug Nuts, which come in sets of 20 pieces (16 lug nuts, 4 locks). They are closed ended and “short” length, and work with normal length wheel studs.

This is the Black finish, and in addition they have the WORK “W” logo etched on the top, and the WORK logo etched into the side of the lug nut body.

The Blue RS lug nut is a good match for wheels such as the WORK Emotion series, which come standard with a blue valvestem. These lug nuts are made from aluminum, and are lightweight.

Red is a pretty common color theme in the high performance segment, so a lot of people prefer the looks of red to match their car color or scheme. For those wondering, if you got red lug nuts, you could also purchase red valvestems from WORK to match.

For those who prefer a longer lug nut or have extended wheel studs, the RS-R lug nuts from WORK are the ones you’d want. They also come with 20 pieces (16 lug nuts, 4 locks) to a set, and are anodized with the WORK logo on the body. This is the blue finish, and shown is the 1.25 thread pitch version. All these lug nuts come in either 12×1.25 or 12×1.5 thread pitch, which works for most Japanese vehicles.

This is the red finish for the RS-R lug nuts. One note for all lug nut users: do NOT use an impact wrench on aluminum lug nuts. I would always recommend using hand tools when installing lug nuts, and a proper torque wrench when tightening them down.

Last but not least, for those that actively track their vehicles, WORK makes the RS-Z lug nuts, which are made from steel and come in a simple black finish. This is a no frills lug nut, and is meant for track purpose, having no locks and being open ended for extended stud users.