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Thanks to Alex C. for sending in his Infiniti G35 on WORK Brombacher Special Edition in Feinheit Silver II (FS2) Finish. Sizing is a 19×9.5 +15 (L-Disk) F & 19×11.0 +8 (L-Disk) R. These wheels are very limited in production and are gone once they are sold out. For more details on how to acquire a set, click here.

b6_s4_brombacher Thanks to Jonathan N., who sent in pics of his Audi B6 S4 widebody. After running a couple different wheels on the vehicle, he finally settled with a set of WORK Brombacher wheels in Gloss Black (BLK) Finish.

(Source: ProjectNg)

brombacher_bs Through the magic of the internet I stumbled on this Porsche. Wheels are WORK Brombacher (Porsche Mesh) in Burning Silver (BS) Finish. So clean and classic.

(Source: Photobucket)

rauhwelt_s1_3p_01 If you’re remotely into Japanese tuners and the internet, you’ve more than likely seen a Rauh Welt car in some shape or form. Known for their jaw dropping Porsche creations in Japan, images of their work spread like wildfire, crossing all boundaries and being eaten up by owners from all chassis backgrounds.

rauhwelt_s1_3p_02 Captured here by the one and only Mike Garrett of Auto-Otaku / Speedhunters, this is quite the 911. The majority of Rauh Welt’s vehicles sport some form of WORK Wheels, and in this case they went with a set of WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in what appears to be a custom painted center disk color. Sizing is a special 18×11 +0 F & 18×12 -33 R, resulting in some fat lips.

rauhwelt_brombacher It doesn’t stop there with Mr. Garrett, as he also took shots and featured more Rauh Welt creations on Speedhunters. This 930 is brighter than a highlighter in Lambo green, keeping it subtle with a set of WORK Brombacher (Porsche Mesh) in custom finish.

rauhwelt_brombacher_pg Almost as if they chose from a bag of Tropical Skittles, this customer went with a bright orange. The WORK Brombacher (Porsche Mesh) wheels contrast nicely in Platinum Gold (PG) Finish.

rauhwelt_s13p_purple While finding these Rauh Welt images, I came to find out that Mike has shot the majority of them, including this one from his Flickr set the from Idlers Games at Tsukuba. I also came to realize that there’s no color limitation when it comes to these Porsche owners. I normally wouldn’t be a fan of lavender (ahem, I mean purple) on a car, but if there’s any car that could pull it off, it would be this one. Wheels are a color matched set of WORK Meister S1 3P wheels.

rauhwelt_s1 If there’s any indication by the number of cars that ran in the Idlers Club event, it’s that there are a lot of Porsche fanatics in Japan, especially with the “Rauh Welt style.” I came across this one on Hostyle’s World in a more muted color, with the WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in what appears to be either a Matte Gunmetal or Matte Black finish.

(Source: Speedhunters #1, #2, Flickr, Hostyle’s World)

Update 7/13/09: I originally posted this back in June, but got some recent bad news from the owner Brandon, who said that his car was stolen last week from his driveway. Due to the rarity of Brombachers and his KW V3 Coilovers, hopefully it might pop up somewhere online. Please keep an eye out for either of these parts, and let me know if you guys see anything.

993brombacher_01 Truly another random internet find.  This time it’s a Porsche 993 on WORK Brombacher wheels in Platinum Gold (PG) Finish & Step Rim.

993brombacher_02 There wasn’t much more info on this one from the owner’s blog, but definitely looks like it is stacking up to be a cool project.

(Source: Wastelandnow)

philcruzphoto_01 The other day, reader Krist S. sent in some pics of his ultra clean FC, which is sitting on the timeless (yet now discontinued) WORK Equip 5 Spokes.

philcruzphoto_02 It’s no surprise that the Equip 5 Spoke was a classic wheel, and it’s simple design is the reason why it has ended up on so many different vehicles over the years. Even though this wheel has been discontinued for a number of years, I still get calls regarding these.

philcruzphoto_03 He also sent me some shots of his friend Jeff S’s 996TT, which is on 19″ WORK Brombacher mesh wheels. Yet another timeless wheel, the Brombacher (also known as Porsche Mesh) is a perfect match in Burning Silver (BS) Finish.  Unlike the Equip 5 Spoke however, this classic is still more than available and can currently be ordered through any WORK Authorized Dealer.

philcruzphoto_04 In this case, he chose to go with the flat Full Reverse lip. For those in the market for Brombachers, keep in mind that it’s also available in Step Rim option in the 17″ – 19″ sizing (5×130 bolt pattern only).

Photography was done by Phil Cruz Studios.

vividracing_01 There’s more than just desert in AZ if you’ve ever checked out Vivid Racing’s work. I came across various WORK Brombacher equipped Porsches, including this 996 TT with Black (BLK) Finish wheels. Sizing is a 19×8.5 F and 19×12 R, with Full Reverse (flat) lip.

vividracing_02 Here’s another Vivid Racing customer, which is also a gorgeous 996 TT. For fitment, it is also a 19×8.5 F and 19×12 R in Black (BLK) Finish, with Full Reverse (flat) lip.

vividracing_03 Out of coincidence, it seems that I’ve posted up a lot of Porsche recently, but I can’t say it gets old.  I know a lot of enthusiasts are also Rauh Welt fans, so this 930 should catch your eye.  Vivid Racing’s customer built this Rauh Welt influenced vehicle, equipping it with WORK Brombacher wheels in Platinum Gold (PG) Finish and Step Rim.

For more information on how to obtain similar fitments as seen here, you can view Vivid Racing’s site here.

In addition, purchase with confidence, as they are a WORK Wheels Authorized Dealer.

brombacher996_01 A reader of this blog, who wanted to be referred to simply as a “JDM wheel enthusiast,” sent in these pics of his 2000 Porsche 996 C2.  You can refer to me as “the guy who just said WOW.”

brombacher996_02 The car is essentially stock, except for its WORK Brombacher wheels with Step Lip. These wheels originally came in the WORK factory Platinum Gold (PG) Finish, but the owner later had them professionally refinished to a media blasted gray finish.

brombacher996_03 Step lips, mesh face, and customizable fitment make it a great match for the lines of a Porsche.  Now if only I could figure out how to get one…