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Thanks to Stefan D’s for sending in his BMW M3 (E46) on WORK VS-XX in White (WHT) Finish. Sizing is a 19×10.0 +9 front & 19×11.5 +29 rear.

Being a fan of WORK Wheels, he also had a set of discontinued WORK Equip 5 Spoke in Lightning Silver (LS) Finish. Sizing on these was a 19×10.0 +16 front & 19×11.0 +6 rear.

Thanks to Dave @ Minds Corp for sending in his Audi R8 on WORK Equip E05 20” in Black Anodized (SKA/B) Finish w/ Glossy Black Anodized Barrel.

Sizing is a 20×9.0 F & 20×11.0 R.

WORK Wheels Japan forwarded these latest shots of a Ferrari F430 on WORK Equip E10 wheels.

The finish is Black Anodized (SKA/B) with Black Anodized Barrel and chrome assembly bolts.

This Aston Martin DB9 Volante has on a set of WORK Equip E10 as well.

Opting for an OE look, they went with Feinheit Silver 2 (FS2) Finish.

carvan_02 Through the magic of the internet I stumbled upon a company from Japan called Carvan, who specializes in aftermarket wheels and accessories. While looking through their gallery, I noticed that the majority of wheels they sell are WORK Wheels. First up was this R35 Skyline GT-R, which has a set of WORK Equip E05 wheels in Composit Buffed-Silver (CBS) Finish. Sizing is a 20×10.0 F & 20×11.0 R.

carvan_01 This 370Z also went the E route with a set of WORK Equip E10 wheels in Composit Buffed-Silver (CBS) Finish. Sizing is a 20×9.5 F & 20×10.5

carvan_03 This Odyssey really caught my attention. For wheels they went with a WORK Gnosis GS1 wheels in Matte Deep Black (MDB) Finish and Bronze Anodized Lip. Wheel sizing is 19×8.5 F & 19×9.5 R, with a 215/35/19 all around.

carvan_04 The Bronze Anodized Lip option from WORK Wheels is really one of my favorite recent options to release. At different angles and lighting the finish of the lip changes its tone, and can be comboed up with other face finishes to make a one of a kind wheel.

carvan_05 This Toyota Alphard also went with the custom finish route, on its set of WORK Schwert SC4 in Black Clear Red (BCR) Finish. The paint process to achieve this look is a multistage process that adds another dimension to the wheel. Wheel sizing is 20×8.5 F & 20×9.5 R, with a 245/35/20 all around.

carvan_06 The Mazda MPV has really come a long way since the “catching keys from across seas” days. This one has a set of WORK Gnosis GS1 in Brush Silver Clear (BRU) Finish, with sizing 19×8.5 & 245/40/19 all around.

carvan_07 This black Fit has a set of WORK Schwert SC2 in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Sizing is a 17×7.0 F & 17×7.5 R, with a 195/40/17 all around.

carvan_08 This Accord Wagon has a set of WORK Gnosis GS1 in Brush Silver Clear (BRU) Finish. Sizing is a 19×8.0 & 225/40/19 all around.

carvan_09 Here’s a Honda Elysion on WORK Varianza T1S in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish. Sizing is a 19×8.0 F & 19×9.0 R, with a 225/35/20 all around.

carvan_10 This Honda Fit went the one piece route with a set of WORK Emotion XD9 in WORK Metal Buff (WMB) Finish. Sizing is a 17×7.0 with a 205/40/17 all around.

carvan_11 Here’s another Alphard, except with WORK Varianza T1S wheels in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish. Sizing is a 19×8.5 & 245/40/19 all around.

carvan_12 This Odyssey went with a set of WORK LS207 in Black (BLK) Finish. Sizing is a 20×8.0 F & 20×9.0 R, with a 225/35/20 all around.

carvan_13 You cannot miss this Mazda Atenza Wagon, especially with its set of WORK Varianza F2S in Red Polish (RP) Finish. Sizing is a 20×8.0 & 225/35/20 all around.

carvan_14 Here’s an Alphard with WORK Schwert SC2 in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Sizing is 20×8.5 & 245/35/20 all around.

carvan_15 Whew, finally made it to the end. This Alphard has a set of WORK Varianza F2S in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Wheel sizing is a 20×8.5 F & 20×9.5 R, with a 245/35/20 all around.

There’s a ton more in the Carvan Gallery, check it out here.

(Source: Carvan)

garageactive_01 Came across Garage Active, a shop in Japan that specializes in Skylines. Besides a ton of Skylines up for sale, they also build some buff demo cars, including this R35 GTR.

garageactive_08 Wheels are the brand new WORK Equip E05 in the Super Chrome (SC) Finish.

garageactive_02 Sizing is a 22×10.5 F & 22×11.5 R, with a 255/30/22 F & 295/25/22 R.

garageactive_04 Previous to that set of wheels, they had on a set of WORK Varianza T1S in Matte Black (MBL) Finish with Step Rim option.

garageactive_06 As if two sets of wheels weren’t enough, previous to that they had another set of WORK Varianza T1S in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish with Step Rim option.

garageactive_07 I like the way Step Rim looks on the GTR, it definitely gives it a musclar feel along with filling up the wheel well.

garageactive_09 Since they’ve been specializing in Skyline for some time now, it’s only right they have a R34 GT-R.

garageactive_10 This tough 34 sports a set of WORK Meister S1 2P wheels in Bright Buff Finish (BBF). Sizing is a 20×10.5 +6 (T-Disk) F & 20×10.5 -7 (A-Disk) R, with a 245/35/20 all around. Unfortunately 20″ Meister S1 2P is discontinued, but 16″ through 19″ sizing is still available.

garageactive_12 To round out the collection, they also have a R32 GT-R, which sports era specific WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in what appears to be either a color matched face or Blue finish.

garageactive_11 Recently it looks like they modernized it a bit with a set of WORK Varianza T1S in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish.

(Source: Garage Active R35 / R34 / R32)

kearneys13_s1_01 While on Paddy McGrath’s photo site, I came across Dean “Karnage” Kearney’s competition onevia, which he pilots in the Prodrift series in Europe.

kearneys13_s1_02 Hailing from Ireland, Dean has been drifting since he was 16 years old!  I think the best I was doing at 16 was parallel parking, and not even that well!  You can follow him and his driving at his site deankearney.com

kearneys13_s1_03 The car runs a set of WORK Meister S1 2PC wheels in Bright Buff Finish (BBF). Women might have Tiffany, but the men have WORK Wheels.

ianbergin_01 While we’re on the Ireland tip, Ian Bergin of Prodrift Europe got in touch with me and mentioned that Dean is looking to compete here in the U.S with the Formula D series. Anyone here in the states looking for some drivers from across the pond?

ianbergin_02 If you’re wondering why there’s three WORK equipped 86’s here (terrible unintentional pun), it’s because Ian is also is an avid WORK Wheels + Corolla owner. The Corolla above on WORK Meister S1 2PC in Silver (SIL) Finish is a 20V setup that he’s currently got for sale.  The car to the left is his previous competition vehicle, on WORK Equip 03 in Gold (GLD) Finish.

ianbergin_03 This orange 86 on WORK Equip 03’s is I guessing the same vehicle in a different colorway. According to Ian, this photo (with other Ireland native driver Eric O’Sullivan at the wheel) is from a Halloween drift festival. Fireworks in the trunk, a fire breathing scantily clad female, and a pumpkin colored Corolla making smoke…does it get any zanier? You can view more of pics on Ian’s Facebook page.

(Source: Flickr)

vertexusa_01 Came across some images at the Vertex USA site of their booth at the most recent D1GP. This 86, sporting an authentic Vertex aero kit, also sports some WORK Equip 03’s in Gold (GLD) Finish.

vertexusa_02 I covered this car previously in another entry, but this car is too clean to not post again. Another demo car for Vertex USA, this S14 is a good example of how putting quality parts together results in a noteworthy result.

(Source: Vertex USA)

paulmiata_01 That’s what this guy Paul did with his Miata and a set of insane WORK Equip 01’s in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Captured through the marvelous lenswork of Linhbergh Nguyen, let’s see how you can make the impossible, possible.

paulmiata_02 Just as a forewarning, this is NOT for everyone, and I can see you purists scrunching your faces. Basically what you’re seeing here is a 15×10 (yes, TEN) under stock metal fenders. As if the width wasn’t aggressive enough, it’s also a negative offset.

paulmiata_03 As of recent, a lot of Miata owners have been going with the low and uber flush look, with 15×8’s and 15×9’s in low offsets…but as far as I’m aware, this is the first set of 10’s to be pulled off in this fashion.

paulmiata_04 With a shot this good, you’d swear it came straight out of the WORK Wheels master catalog. That isn’t the case, just the handiwork of Mr. Nguyen.

paulmiata_05 If this isn’t WORK Wheels LOVE, then I don’t know what is. When you’ve got 4 dudes in a car, and you’re trying to transport 4 wheels and tires INSIDE the car at the same time, sometimes you gotta get cozy.

paulmiata_06 This has got to be one of my favorite shots I’ve seen from Linhbergh. There is really something spectacular that happens when you can take an otherwise normal event and capture it through a lens. Since Paul needed some real tire pros to stretch his 205/45/15 on a 10″, he had to enlist the “if you bring it, we’ll try it” stretching skills of City Tire Online in South Gate, CA. If you’re ever in the area and are looking for a legit tire shop, stop in and say hi to John, Brian, & the gang.  I take all my personal stuff there, and they take care of my wheels, give good service, and do it right.

(Source: Kinod.net 1 / Kinod.net 2)

…Lambo? WORK Wheels Japan posted up some pics from the Automesse 2009 autoshow in Osaka, Japan. Keep in mind that even though WORK Wheels is very popular amongst the Japanese vehicle segment, WORK can build pretty much any wheel for any vehicle, including exotics and European makes.

This Lamborghini Gallardo features the brand new WORK Equip E05 wheel in Composit Buffed-Silver (CBS) Finish, which is a brand new release for 2009. This wheel is a 3 piece wheel, and is a made out of a high quality FORGED aluminum alloy.   Good to see that WORK Wheels chose to resurrect the Equip series.

(Source: work-wheels.co.jp)