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porsches1_03 Holy smokes. This car is all kinds of awesome. The color, the flares, and the wheel fitment all mesh together so well.  I’ve loved 964’s ever since I saw the movie Bad Boys (haha, really).

porsches1_04 I came across this sexy Porsche while surfing Jon Sibal’s blog (on a side note his artwork is amazing, go check it out). Can’t go wrong with these flares to fit some mega deep lipped WORK Meister S1 3PC wheels in Silver (SIL) Finish.

porsches1_01 While on the Sunburst Japan site, I also came across this hard to miss Porsche. I can’t say I’m a fan of the color, but if there’s any car that could pull off this paint, it would be this car (and maybe a Lambo).

porsches1_02 Huge flares and ultra wide wheels seems to be a common theme amongst many of the Sunburst vehicles. In this case, it’s a good thing the WORK Meister S1 3PC in Black (BLK) Finish are wide enough to fill out those flares (especially that rear one, yikes!).

(Source: Jon Sibal / Sunburst 911)

Logan April 30, 2009

is250_vsxx_01 Found these pics on Clublexus of a Lexus IS with WORK VS-XX in Extreme Gold (XG) Finish. Looks like some CR Kai’s peeking in the back as well.

is250_vsxx_02 Fitment is a 19×8.5+28 (R Disk) F + 19×9.0+38 (A Disk) R, while tire sizing is 225/35 F + 245/35 R.

(Source: Clublexus)

s13vard3s_01 …it’s Supermade! Aero, that is.  This S13 is yet another one I came across on the Zilvia.net forums.

s13vard3s_02 Hailing from Northern VA, user bboyoracle has his Supermade kitted S13 on WORK Varianza D3S in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish.

s13vard3s_04 Close up of the wheels, also showing the WORK RS Closed Ended Lug Nuts in Red.

s13vard3s_03 Good to see someone executing outside the box, going with luxury style and keeping it unique.

(Source: Zilvia.net)

s415_kf Was surfing Zilvia.net forums and came across this clean S14.5 from the user koukipilot, who hails from Hawaii.

s415_kf_02 The Burning Black (BKB) Finish of the WORK VS-KF’s he has on there are a very popular finish amongst WORK Wheels enthusiasts. So much so that the smoky black finish is now recently re-available as a special color for many WORK Wheels.

(Source: Zilvia.net)

wagoncrkai_01 Even though WORK Wheels offers many standard and special colors, sometimes owners need that ultra unique finish to set themselves apart from the rest. In this case, a Subaru WRX Wagon owner purpled out his set of WORK Emotion CR Kai’s.

wagoncrkai_02 Here’s a close up shot of the wheels in their painted (or powdercoated, not sure) glory, and also note the optional WORK CR Kai wheel decals in blue which he applied. For those curious, you can get a CR Kai decal sheet in either Blue or Red (CR Kai’s come with blue decals included standard, as well as a blue valvestem). With that being said, you can also get the valvestems separately in red if you want to match with red stickers. Contact any WORK Authorized Dealer for details.

(Source: Photobucket 1 / Photobucket 2)

r34_meister3pc While surfing the recently relaunched and revamped JTuned site, I came across this purple R34. This was shot at the JTuned x Falken Tire Super Meet, and shows off the WORK Meister 3PC Wheels in Gold (GLD) Finish.  On a side note, I believe the R34 is from The Ku Cars.

(Source: JTuned)

peters13meister_01 A customer of Phase 2 Motortrend, Peter L., sent me these pics today of his S13 with newly fitted WORK Meister S1 2PC in White (WHT) Finish.

peters13meister_02 He chose to go with a 17×9+10 all around, but stagger the faces (L Disk F + O Disk R). For those that aren’t familiar, this will give the appearance of a staggered look front and rear, but keeping the same fitment all around.

peters13meister_03 The advantage of doing this (more importantly for you FWD guys) is that you can get a staggered look without sacrificing driveability and also be able to rotate tires. Also, you can get maximize more lip size in the rear vs. the front.

On a side note, for those that aren’t sure about these disk face terminology, basic rule of thumb is that this is the order from LEAST to MOST brake clearance: O / A / L / R / T.

O = Deep Rim Face: for maximizing lip size
A = Standard Face: standard brake clearance
L = Big Caliper Face 1: less than R
R = Big Caliper Face 2: most common choice for front brake caliper clearance (most OEM Brembos, etc)
T = Big Caliper Face 3: more than R

Depending on which wheel you are choosing, sometimes there won’t be all those brake faces available (i.e maybe O / A / R only), but same applies. View the PDF sizing charts for fitment options and availability on the WORK Wheels USA Products section. Also, to determine what face will clear your big caliper kit, you should forward the manufacturer’s brake caliper diagram to the Authorized Dealer who is assisting you. From there they can check with WORK Wheels to tell if it clears or not.

r32xd9_01 Found yet another WORK Wheels equipped car on the Corner Balance site, this time being a R32 Skyline on WORK Emotion XD9’s in Matte Bronze (MHG) Finish.

r32xd9_02 This is one of their customer’s car, and you gotta love the bronze against black combo.

(Source: Corner Balance)

zroadsterxsa_01 Was perusing the Corner Balance blog, and found this 350Z Roadster out of Japan.

zroadsterxsa_02 The Roadster isn’t my favorite Z choice, but I must say that this one is looking pretty fresh, on a set of WORK XSA-02C’s in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish.

zroadsterxsa_03 This would be a perfect summer cruising car, hopefully the sun burned off the otherwise gloomy weather in these pics!

(Source: Corner Balance)

Covered this car before, but found a good picture of Bernard N’s Nissan 240sx (S14) on WORK Meister S1 3PC in Bright Buff Finish (BBF).  That’s a 19×9/10 on a S14 people!  Big boy rims!

(Source: The Perfect Exposure)