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civicsi_01 Came across this Civic SI on WORK VS-KF’s in Feinheit Silver II (FS2) Finish. Super tucked!

(Source: NWP4LIFE)

davidtormey_01 Came across photographer David Tormey’s Flickr Photostream, tons of good pics in there. While perusing, this S2000 on WORK Meister S1 2PC in Bright Buff Finish (BBF) Finish caught my eye.

davidtormey_02 I believe fitment is a 17×9+35 all around. A very simple, yet effective S2K.

davidtormey_03 I also came across this Acura TL which I covered a while back. This TL (if you didn’t see previously) is on WORK Schwert SC1.  Good to see an owner take a chance with a new wheel and execute it well.

(Source: Flickr)

evoxt7_01 Came across this pic of a clean Mitsubishi Evo on WORK Emotion XT7 in WORK Metal Buffing (WMB) Finish.

evoxt7_02 At first I had to do a double take, because the first photo made the wheels look SUPER concave (especially the fronts). Bryant D., who owns this Evo, chose to run something more aggressive than usual (18×9.5+12 all around).  For the concavity seekers, FYI all 18×9.5 XT7’s (regardless of offset) are deep concave face.

evoxt7_03 WMB finish is SHINY. Probably can melt some snow off the reflections on that thing.

(Source: NWP4LIFE)

orangevsxx_01 Mmm, looking at this picture makes me want an orange creamsicle or an orange Crush. Custom painted to match the body, this G35 is outfitted with WORK VS-XX wheels in custom Lamborghini Orange Pearl paint.

orangevsxx_02 For those wondering if this is an offered finish from WORK Japan, it is not one of the special colors. In this case (since the wheel is a 3 piece wheel), it was professionally disassembled, painted, and reassembled.  We don’t recommend disassembling wheels unless necessary (as in special cases as this), so make sure that if you choose to do so that a wheel repair specialist does the job.

Click on the source to see the whole article over at Performance Auto & Sound Magazine.

(Source: PASMAG)

audis5t1s_01 Came across this clean S5 on 6Speedonline rolling on WORK Varianza T1S in Black Polish (BP) Finish.

audis5t1s_02 As I might have mentioned many times before, the thing I love about Audi’s  is that all you need is a lower and wheels to really set the car off.

audis5t1s_03 Sizing is 20×9 F and 20×11 R with 255/30 and 305/25 tires. Nice stance and color combo.

(Source: 6Speedonline)

insightxd9mbg Came across this picture of a new Honda Insight while perusing Speedhunters. The wheels are a set of WORK Emotion XD9 in Machined Gloss Black (MBG) Finish.  I’m interested to see what people stateside do with this vehicle.

(Source: Speedhunters)

varianzagold Came across this clean picture of a front WORK Varianza T1S wheel. It was done in the Extreme Gold (XG) Finish, which is a special color for the T1S. If the gold color looks familiar, it is the same color as comes standard on a WORK VS-XX.

(Source: Tristatevip)

vwsc2 Was on the Boldworld site and stumbled on this VW rocking a set of WORK Schwert SC2 in Black Polish.  A really good combo for this car IMO, both in style and color.

egs12pc_01 Came across MLP123’s photostream on Flickr and saw this well put together EG hatch.

egs12pc_03 To contrast against the bright red body, he’s running WORK Meister S1 2PC in White (WHT) Finish.

egs12pc_02 By the looks of the exterior, the B-Series swap is a perfect match. Clean swap as well as a cleanly done interior.

(Source: Flickr)

yellows2kmeister To follow up that post below, here’s another find on The Ku Cars. This time it’s a S2000 on WORK Meister S1 3PC wheels in what looks like Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish.

Shot was taken by Khris H. Photography.

(Source: The Ku Cars)