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c35laurel_meisters1_01 Jordan from New Zealand sent in these pics of his C35 Laurel, which is quite a beauty. It’s a shame we didn’t get the Laurel in the states.

c35laurel_meisters1_02 Sitting on WORK Meister S1 2PC in White (WHT) Finish, the stance and fitment is on point. White provides a nice contrast to the metallic brown paint.

c35laurel_meisters1_03 I really like the way this car was executed, and this shot of it is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work Jordan!

z33_meisters13pc Thanks to Blake @ Fighters Garage for giving me the heads up on this one.  Owned by username “<350z” on My350z, this Z features a custom set of WORK Meister S1 3PC. The owner chose to customize his set by getting it dipped in black chrome. Sizing is 18×10.5 +17 F + 18×11.5 +17 R, with a 265/45/18 F + 275/45/18 R.

(Source: My350z)

accord_vsxx_01 A while back, reader Johnathan D. sent me pics of his WORK Schwert SC1 equipped IS350. Not satisfied with just one set, Johnathan also modified his project TSX with WORK VS-XX in Chrome (M) Finish.

accord_vsxx_02 The sizing he chose to go with is a 19×8.5 +40 F & 19×9.5 +42 R. Since the car is a FWD, some of you might be wondering why the wheels are staggered.

As of recent years, there’s been a rise in staggering wheels on FWD, especially within the Acura segment. While it’s not “recommended” on a manufacturer’s level, it’s up to the end user how they choose to setup their car. Also keep in mind that for those who are looking for the staggered look, you could also stagger the face disks (for WORK multipiece wheels) but keep the same width / offset front and rear. This would give the appearance that you have a larger rear lip (i.e staggered look), but retain the same fitment all around.

(Source: Jay Kene)

Logan July 28, 2009

gti_vsxx Came across this GTI on Socaleuro, sporting a set of WORK VS-XX in Extreme Gold (XG) Finish. Mesh on compact Euros is a never fail.

(Source: Socaleuro)

drtjmpr197_z_01 It’s always good to see when people step outside the box and take initiative to get what they need done. In this case, Bryan L. (who owns this Z) wanted to run WORK Emotion XD9 in 18×10+18 XD9’s all the way around on his Z. Typically for the Z/G, they recommend 18×9+20 F / 18×10+18 R, so it was questionable if the 18×10+18 would clear his front OEM Brembo brakes.

drtjmpr197_z_02 So rather than take a guess, he purchased a pair first, and test fit on the front to make sure it cleared. In this case, he ended up using a 3mm spacer all the way around to clear the brakes (rears are no problem).  Sure it was an extra step, but this was he was able to get what he wanted and make it work.  Finish of the wheels are Bronze (MHG), slightly hard to tell since the pics look like they were taken at dusk.

Thanks to City Tire Online, who forwarded me the pics and info on Bryan’s wheels.

(Source: Photobucket)

atenza_schwertsc1 Quick grab from Mike @ Auto Otaku. This Atenza wagon (aka Mazda 6 in the U.S) has a set of WORK Schwert SC1 in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Black exteriors and BP are always a solid choice.

(Source: Auto-Otaku)

ek_meisters1 Came across this EK hatch on Hondatech, owned by username “Airbag Club.” With a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge in the back, this EK has a set of WORK Meister S1 2PC wheels in Blue Finish.

(Source: Hondatech)

s2k_crkai_red Came across this clean S2000 on Hondatech sitting on some WORK Emotion CR Kai in White (WHT) Finish with Red CR Kai decals. For those curious, you can order optional CR Kai decals and valvestems in red. Normally, the CR Kai comes standard with blue wheel decals and blue valvestems.

(Source: Hondatech)

tf_meisters1 David from Touge Factory sent in some older pics of personal S13.  I remember this photoshoot from a few years back, but still the car is a clean example to inspire 240 owners.  Equipped with version:SELECT aero, it also sports some flush WORK Meister S1 3PC in Black (BLK) Finish.

tf_vskf He also forwarded me pics of Mike @ Touge Factory’s personal S14, another great example of a well done S-chassis. In this case, his S14 is sporting WORK VS-KF in Burning Black (BKB) Finish.  Check out the crazy huge rear lips!

jazz_meisters1 Thanks to site follower Roger K, who sent in this additional snap of the Honda Jazz I posted up the other day. This angle definitely shows a better angle of the WORK Meister S1 2PC in White (WHT) Finish.

(Source: Photobucket)