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gtrc_machined As a follow up to the recent WORK Emotion 11R New Release entry, here’s some information regarding the Glim Silver (GTRC) Finish. Much like the Machined Gloss Black (MBG) Finish of the WORK Emotion XD9, the WORK Emotion 11R in Glim Silver (GTRC) Finish has a machined lip with a painted face.  At the moment for the 11R, this is the only finish that can be done with a machined lip, the other finishes are a fully painted wheel.

gs430_sc1 I previously covered this car some months ago, but recently owner Michael P. got in touch with me and forwarded this updated pic. The WORK Schwert SC1 in Black Polish (BP) Finish are 20×9.0 F & 20×10.5 R.

Logan August 31, 2009

supra_vsxx Came across this black Supra on Supraforums, set up on WORK VS-XX in Black (BLK) Finish. Sizing is a 19×9.5 +40 F & 19×11.5 +47 R, with a 265/30/19 F & 315/25/19 R.

supra_vsxx_01 Same wheel setup, different vehicle. You can never go wrong with timeless mesh on a Supra.

(Source: Supraforums)

tf_sc2 Thanks to David @ Touge Factory, who forwarded me these images of some their friends’ vehicles from Japan. This S14 should look familiar to readers, I previously posted this from the Exciting Car Showdown.  Wheels are WORK Schwert SC2 with a custom paintjob by Gloss Factory Japan.

tf_xc8 I love this Skyline ER34. The gold paint is perfect with some WORK Emotion XC8 wheels in Ibushi Gin Silver (IGS) Finish.

tf_xd9 This Origin Lab drift S13 has a set of WORK Emotion XD9 wheels in White (WHT) Finish. I also spy a set of WORK Schwert SC2 wheels in Black Polish (BP) Finish on the car in the background.

tf_sc2_1 I might not be down with the blue flames, but I am definitely down with the huge lips of the WORK Schwert SC2 in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish.

Logan August 29, 2009

kucars_07 Thanks to Stanley @ The Ku Cars for forwarding this pic to me of a Datsun Roadster on WORK Equip 01 wheels in Black Polish (BP) Finish. I believe this image was originally used in a WORK Wheels catalog.

neon_crkai Anthony P. forwarded me pics of his Neon RT Turbo, which sports a set of WORK Emotion CR in White (WHT) Finish. Sizing is a 16×7.0 +35 and he went with optional red decal sets and valvestems to complete the theme.

For the really technical WORK guys, I should note that these are WORK Emotion CR’s, and not WORK Emotion CR Kai.  Not that I want to confuse anyone, but for the record, they made 3 versions to date of this wheel design: WORK Emotion (Forged), WORK Emotion CR, and WORK Emotion CR Kai.  Between the CR and CR Kai, construction is the same but the design is slighty different in the lip flange portion (CR is smooth and CR Kai has a groove).  The Emotion Forged and Emotion CR have been discontinued.

(Source: halcyonphotography)

workemotion11r WORK Wheels has released a wheel model for the Emotion series of wheels!

This new model, called the Emotion 11R, features an eleven spoke design with varying levels of concavity (semi-concave face and deep concave face). This wheel has sizes ranging from 17×7.0 ~ 17×9.0 and 18×7.5 ~ 18×9.5, along with bolt patterns available in 4×100 ~ 4×114.3, 5×100 ~ 5×120.

For sizing and offset choices, please view the Emotion 11R Sizing Chart here.

Standard finishes include Matte Bronze (MHG), Matte Black (MBL), and White (WHT). Special finishes include Glim Silver (GTRC) & WORK Metal Buff (WMB). Special colors are also available, please inquire with a WORK Authorized Dealer for options.

17″ applications start at $400 MSRP / wheel
18″ applications start at $430 MSRP / wheel

Feel free to contact a WORK Authorized Dealer for pricing.

(Source: WORK Wheels USA)

jonsibal_amazing If you’re familiar with automotive renderings, then the name Jon Sibal should be part of your vocabulary. I’ve always been floored by his talent as demonstrated in his artwork. While perusing his site the other day, I noticed something interesting in a drawing he did for a Scion contest. In his winning entry, the rendered vehicle has a set of WORK Meister S1 2PC wheels in Gloss Black (BLK) Finish!

The contest took place back in 2007, so I’m a bit late on this one.   The other entries were amazing as well.

For the hi-res version of Jon’s winning entry, click here.

(Source: Jon Sibal)

fit_xt7_01 Was surfing JDM EGO and saw that Jay posted up a sweet looking Fit. The wheel flushness/fitment is so tight it’s almost like me trying to squeeze into a medium tee.

fit_xt7_02 This Fit is on WORK Emotion XT7’s, with what appears to be the Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish.

Standard color for the XT7 is Matte Gray Silver (MGS) and Matte Bronze (MHG). Getting MGM (which is a standard color of the Emotion CR Kai) would be a special order.

Inquire with any WORK Authorized Dealer if you are interested in custom color Emotions.

(Source: JDM EGO)

z33s1_black_01 Through the magic that is internet surfing, I found these snaps of a Z33 owned by BJ Lopez, as shot by Oliver Bentley.

z33s1_black_02 As I’ve previously mentioned, the Meister S1 3PC is a favorite amongst the Z/G crowd, and for good reason. This side profile shot highlights how the Gloss Black (BLK) Finish of the WORK Meister S1 3PC works well with the black accents of the lip / sides / canards.

z33s1_black_03 I’m sure they did it purposely, but I love this shot.  Great lighting. The Brembo caliper is perfectly visible through the spokes and the WORK logo is right side up.

(Source: Oliver Bentley)