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350z_bcb_01 William O. sent in pics of his 350Z on WORK Varianza T1S in special finish Black Cut Blue (BCB) Finish. This finish is accomplished through a multistage process in which the face is first painted black, then machined on its face. After this, the wheel is then painted with the blue finish, resulting in the multicolored spoke.

350z_bcb_02 Sizing is a 19×9.5+24 F & 19×11.0+29 R, with 245/35/19 F & 275/35/19.

ls_f2s_bp While strolling around Clublexus, I came across this LS on WORK Varianza F2S in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Sizing is 20X9.5 (A-Disk) F & 20×10.5 (O-Disk) R, with a secretive “+20-ish” offset according to the owner.

(Source: Clublexus)

euroacc_sc1_01 Thanks to Chris in Sydney, Australia for sending pics of his clean Euro Accord.

euroacc_sc1_02 Wheels are WORK Schwert SC1 in Crystal Silver (CS) Finish.

mustang_vskf_01 APR Performance always puts out solid demo vehicles, and this pony they did adds to the list. This widebody Mustang was recently featured on the cover of 5.0 Mustang magazine.

mustang_vskf_02 Sitting on WORK VS-KF in Black (BLK) Finish, the spokes of the KF are a great match for this domestic beast.

(Source: mustang50magazine)

510_ewing Anth over at Build Threads gave me the heads up on his current ride, a sweet Datsun 510 that he’s restoring.  For that era-specific look, he recently refinished a set of WORK Ewing wheels.  For those wondering, these are long discontinued but Anth made them look fresh out the box.

(Source: Build Threads)

camaro_crkai Thanks to reader John B., who forwarded me these pics he came across of domestic vehicles tuned in Japan. I gotta say, these WORK Emotion CR Kai in Bronze (MHG) Finish look pretty good on this Camaro.

camaro_s1 This brings back some memories growing up seeing IROC-Z’s driving around town. The only difference was that those Camaros didn’t have sweet WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in Bright Buff Finish (BBF) back then.

vw_equip03_02 While scouring of the internet, it is always refreshing to come across WORK Wheels equipped vehicles you wouldn’t expect to see. This VW truck I came across on the Risky Devil site is a perfect example.

vw_equip03_01 Even moreso than the WORK Wheels on this VW truck, the K20 swap in it adds to the wow factor.

vw_equip03_04 Shot through the lens of Ill Photography, this closeup shot of the WORK Equip 03 in Gold (GLD) finish shows the deep step lip.

vw_equip03_03 Parked at the TF Works BBQ, it looks like it was a crowd favorite. I’m sure the owner gets a lot of puzzled onlookers and questions, but that makes the effort well worth it.

(Source: Risky Devil)

cressida_s12pc Found this quick snap of a 77 Cressida on the NWP4LIFE forums. I had to do some research to figure out exactly what vehicle it was, but immediately I recognized the WORK Meister S1 2P in Silver (SIL) Finish.

(Source: NWP4LIFE)

e92_s12p_01 I previously covered Dr.phuOnger’s E92 Project here, but recently he remixed the paint job to this insane finish.

e92_s12p_02 Wheels are WORK Meister S1 2PC wheels in Silver (SIL) Finish, which still looks slamming against his new paint job.  Keep up the good work Phuong!

(Source: E90Post)

e30wagon_s12p Was cruising on Jon Sibal’s site and came across this sweet E30 wagon. Wheels are WORK Meister S1 2P wheels in White (WHT) Finish.

(Source: Jonsibal)