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Logan November 30, 2009

g35sed_msp_f2s Came across this G35 Sedan, owned by Jeremie I., sporting a set of WORK Varianza F2S in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish. Sizing is a 19×9.0 +4 F & 19×10.0 -1 R, with a 215/35/19 F & 225/35/19 R.

Logan November 30, 2009

porsche_s1mgm While surfing Ro_Ja’s weblog, came across this Porsche on WORK Meister S1 2P in Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish.

(Source: Ro_Ja’s weblog)

camry_crkai A lot of people sleep on the newer Camry. Aside from the fact that I wish Toyota North America had made it RWD, I think that this car has a lot more potential than it’s family vehicle stigma gives.  In this Camry’s case, the owner went with a WORK Emotion CR Kai in 18×8.5 +43 and 225/45/18 all around.

(Source: soompi)

Logan November 29, 2009

weksos_ls406_01 The guys over at Weksos are currently working an BMW E34 project.  Looks ultra clean so far.

weksos_ls406_02 For wheels they chose a set of the three piece WORK LS406 wheels in Feinheit Silver (FS) Finish.

Based in San Jose, CA, Weksos is a WORK Authorized Dealer and can help you with your WORK Wheels needs.

Also you can follow them at their blog here.

(Source: Bimmerforums)

maserati_gs2_bks_01 WORK Japan just forwarded images of this stunning Maserati Quattroporte.  Yowza.

maserati_gs2_bks_02 This black tie event of a vehicle is completed by a set of WORK Gnosis GS2 in Black Shadow (BKS) Finish and Step Rim barrel.

maserati_gs2_bks_03 Also note that they opted for silver wheel bolts, as typically with Black Shadow (BKS) Finish it comes standard with black bolts.

gs_sc3_sr_01 Thanks to Chris from the Liberty VIP Car Club for sending in pics of his bagged GS430.

gs_sc3_sr_02 Wheels are WORK Schwert SC3 in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish with Step Rim barrel. Sizing is a 19×9.0 +20 F (R-Disk) & 19×10.0 +0 (O-Disk).

gs_sc3_sr_03 Gotta love the Step Rim barrel and the added depth and dimension it gives to the wheels, especially when using wheels with relatively flatter faces.

Logan November 27, 2009

odybmw_gs1_sr_01 Thanks to Jonathan V. for giving me the heads up on this recent Jon Sibal post.  This Honda Odyssey (yes, you read that right) has a BMW E92 front end conversion, making it one of the sickest vans I’ve seen recently.

odybmw_gs1_sr_02 Wheels are WORK Gnosis GS1 in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish, with the Step Rim option.  The execution on this car is very impressive, kudos to whoever built this van (I’m guessing someone in Japan).

Check out the source below for more images.

(Source: Jon Sibal)

g35_t1s_mdb Seems as though G35 owners love their WORK Varianza T1S wheels. While surfing G35 Driver, I came across a “Post Your T1S” thread, with a ton of great examples. Here’s a red G35, owned by username “D&G35,” sporting a set of WORK Varianza T1S Step Rim in Matte Deep Black (MDB) Finish with the special Black Anodized Barrel option.

g35_t1s_msp This G35 belongs to username “jlin615,” who came through with a set of WORK Varianza T1S in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish.

g35_t1s_bp_sr Username “Ralph0064” chose to go with Black Polish (BP) Finish on his Step Rim WORK Varianza T1S.  Sizing per another thread I found is 20X9.5 +5 (A-Disk) F & 20×10.5 +5 (O-Disk) R, with a 225/35/20 F & 255/35/20 R.

g35_t1s_gld_sr This one’s a re-up, but this G35 (owned by username “yangster13”) has WORK Varianza T1S in what looks like Gold (GLD) Finish.

g35_t1s_msp_20 Opting for some 20’s, username “mubay” went with Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish on his WORK Varianza T1S.

g35_mdb_sr I’ve covered this twice before, but I like this additional shot I came across. Username “robzone” murdered it out with a set of WORK Varianza T1S Step Rim in Matte Deep Black (MDB) Finish with the special Black Anodized Barrel option.

g35_msp_sr Username “eurodre” decided on the popular Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish, except went with Step Rim on his WORK Varianza T1S.

g35_sed_t1s_msp Thanks to Levon P., aka “donpisto,” for getting in touch with me and sharing his specs. His G35 has a of WORK Varianza T1S Step Rim in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish, and according to him is the most aggressive fitment yet on a G35 Sedan. His “you did whaaat” fitment is a 20×9.5 +3 (effective -12 with added 15mm spacer) F and 20×10.5 +0 R. Don’t get any ideas sedan owners, as he had to do a lot of custom suspension work to make it possible.

is_t1s_wbc This isn’t a G35, but I came across this ISX50 owned by username “waijai,” on a set of WORK Varianza T1S in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish.

(Source: G35 Driver)

fd_s12p_gld Came across this FD from Sevenstock, as shot by Mike Garrett of Speedhunters. Wheels are WORK Meister S1 2P in Gold (GLD) Finish.

(Source: Speedhunters)

importr_01 While surfing over at No Rotas, I found some coverage they posted of the 2009 event, Import Reactor. Check out this STI owner proudly displaying his set of WORK Emotion XD9 wheels in WORK Metal Buff (WMB) Finish.

importr_02 This ISX50 appears to be bagged over a set of WORK VS-XX wheels in Extreme Gold (XG) Finish.

importr_03 Last but not least is a set of WORK VS-KF in Chrome (M) Finish on this boosted S2000.

(Source: No Rotas)