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sti_01 Came across this STI, owned by username “STIBLITZ” of IWSTI. Like many other WORK Wheels owners, he doubled up, first going with a set of WORK Meister S1 3P in Burning Black (BKB) Finish. Sizing is an 18×8.5 +48 with 235/40/18 all around.

sti_02 For his track set, he went with a set of WORK Emotion XD9 in Matte Gray Silver (MGS) Finish. Sizing is a 17×8.5 +42 with 245/40/17 all around.

(Source: IWSTI)

supra_equip01_18 Thanks to Chad Lunn for sending in a photo of Robert M’s Supra, which I previously covered. Wheels are now discontinued WORK Equip 18 wheels in Black Polish (BP) Finish.

(Source: Flickr)

510_s1 Covered this 510 before, but came across more coverage of it on Build Threads & Datnut. With a set of WORK Meister S1 2P wheels in Gold (GLD) Finish, this is a clean ’72.

(Source: Build Threads / Datnut)

e_sc1_msp Came across this E Class on WORK Schwert SC1 in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish. Sizing is a 20×9.0 F & 20×10.5 R, with a 245/30/20 F & 255/30/20 R.

es_sc1_bp Now here’s a chassis you don’t see modded everyday. This Lexus ES350 chose to get the wheel treatment via a set of WORK Schwert SC1 wheels in Black Polish (BP) Finish.

(Source: MBWorld, VWVortex)

tl_s13p_mbl Came across a few Acura TL on WORK Wheels while surfing the net. First off was this one with a set of WORK Meister S1 3P in Matte Black (MBL) Finish. Sizing is a 19×9.0 +25 (L-Disk) F & 19×10.0 +29 (O-Disk) R, with a 225/35/19 F & 235/35/19 R. In addition he also added a 15mm spacer in the rear, making it an effective 19×10.0 +14.

tl_t1s_msp This TL also went the aggressive route on a set of WORK Varianza T1S in Machine Silver Polish (MSP). Sizing is a 19×9.5 +15 (R-Disk) F & 19×11.0 +17 (O-Disk) R.

tl_t1s_wbc All three of these owners push the envelope with their fitment, basically taking what you’d normally see on a RWD and pulling it off on a TL. This owner also went with a set of WORK Varianza T1S, except in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish. Sizing is a 19×9.5 +24 F & 19×10.5+22 R.

(Source: Wrong Fitment Crew, VIPStyleCars, Acurazine)

s13_stitchevo Thanks to Dennis S. for sending in pics of his S13 convertible, which sports a set of discontinued WORK Stich Evolution wheels.

stream_gs4_01 While on Minkara, came across this clean Honda Stream RSZ.

stream_gs4_02 Wheels are WORK Gnosis GS4 in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish.  The stance and overall execution of this is simple but so proper.

(Source: Minkara)

bondosaka_01 Came across the site for bond Technik, which is a shop that specializes in European performance and tuning in Japan.  Within the numerous lines that they carry, they outfit many of their vehicles with WORK Wheels.  Such examples are this BMW E92 on WORK Gnosis GS4 in Matte Deep Black (MDB) Finish.

bondosaka_02 Also came across this VW Passat on WORK Gnosis GS1 wheels in Brush Silver Clear (BRU) Finish.

bondosaka_03 What a difference a set of wheels can make, especially with a European sedan.

(Source: Bond Diary Osaka)

scooter_equip01_bp_02 I remember coming across this awhile back, and showing it to some friends. As a result of my excitement, I forgot to post it up, but I just was reminded thanks to Jason’s Grain Of Salt.

scooter_equip01_bp_01 I’ve posted up some interesting applications of WORK Wheels on vehicles, but this scooter takes the cake. Using a WORK Equip 03 in Black Polish (BP) Finish, this scooter wins my applause.

(Source: Jason’s Grain Of Salt)

bronzeanodizedrim Took a quick snap of this sample outer hoop, which demonstrates the Bronze Anodized Lip option from WORK Wheels. This finish can be done on any of the multipiece wheels (2 or 3 piece) from the WORK Wheels lineup. With this lip option (and custom face/rivet finishes) there’s endless combinations that could be done to create a truly one off custom wheel.

Other anodized lip finishes currently include Black, Red, and Blue.

Update (6/8/10): Currently for 2010, anodized lip finishes include Shiny Black, Shiny Bronze, Matte Bronze, and Matte Black.