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mazdasp3_s13p_bbf Came across this Mazdaspeed 3, owned by username “Jogadoggz” on the Mazda Speed Forums. Wheels are WORK Meister S1 3P in Bright Buff Finish (BBF).  Sizing is an 18×8.0 all around.

(Source: Mazda Speed Forums)

Logan February 28, 2010

gc8_vsxx_bs While browsing jmkiang’s Flickr photostream, I found this Subaru GC8 Impreza on WORK VS-XX in Burning Silver (BS) Finish.

(Source: Flickr)

audir8_t1s_mgm This one blew my socks off when I saw it posted up on Canibeat. I had never seen a fully painted Audi R8 before (much less a yellow one). To add to that it’s sitting on a set of WORK Varianza T1S wheels in Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish.  This thing must snap necks like Rambo.

(Source: Canibeat)

tl_w4s_ls_sr_02 This is a re-up, and definitely one worth mentioning. Came across this photoshoot by Jonathan Dehate on Canibeat of a TL, which I covered a while back.

tl_w4s_ls_sr_01 What caught my eye immediately was the FL vanity plate, showing the love that this owner has for WORK Wheels. On top of that it’s a must that he has a WORK Wheels license plate frame to tie it all together.

tl_w4s_ls_sr_03 Wheels are the WORK Varianza W4S in Lightning Silver (LS) Finish with the Step Rim option.

(Source: Canibeat)

ls_t1s_msp_sr While on Jason’s Grain Of Salt, came across this Job Design Lexus LS on WORK Varianza T1S in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish.

(Source: Jason’s Grain Of Salt)

tl_vsxx_bkb Came across this Acura TL, owned by username “wrxyboy” on Acurazine. Wheels are WORK VS-XX in Burning Black (BKB) Finish. Sizing is 19×9.0 +34 (R-Disk) F & 19×10.0 +23 (O-Disk) R, with a 235/35/19 all around.

(Source: Acurazine)

Logan February 25, 2010

sti_xd9_white Came across this Subaru STI owned by username “crand002” on Nasioc. Wheels are WORK Emotion XD9 in White (WHT) Finish, with sizing 18×9.0 +43 all around.

On a side (technical) note, while it appears that he did not require any problems running it on the vehicle, the XD9 in 18×9.0 +43 has very tight brake clearance with the OEM Brembo calipers on the STI.  Alternatively, an 18×9.0 +38 (the next available lower offset option) has better brake clearance than the +43, but the extra 5mm (of offset) might cause (fender) rubbing depending on tire setup, ride height, and other factors.

(Source: Nasioc)

Logan February 25, 2010

e60_sc1sr_bp Thanks to Kenneth at Weksos, a WORK Authorized Dealer, for sending in pics of their demo BMW 5 Series (E60). While Weksos is well known for specializing in Hondas, they have recently also added Euros to their list of specialties.  By the looks of this 5, it appears they are off to a great start.  Wheels are WORK Schwert SC1 in Black Polish (BP) Finish with Step Rim.

(Source: Weksos)

wrxwagon_vsxx_mbl_01 Found this Subaru WRX Wagon on Nasioc, owned by username “Shagon Wagon.” Wheels are WORK VS-XX in Matte Black (MBL) Finish, with optional black rivets.

wrxwagon_vsxx_mbl_02 If I remember correctly, this car used to have some knockoff (replica) wheels on it, so good to see he’s rolling legit now.

(Source: Nasioc)

odyssey_s13p Came across this Honda Odyssey on Crazuknights, which has a set of WORK Meister S1 3P in Silver (SIL) Finish.

(Source: Crazuknights)