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Thanks to Julian G. for sending in pics he shot of his Subaru WRX Wagon. I’m a pretty big fan of the way wagons look modded, and this one is no exception.

Wheels are WORK Emotion 11R in White (WHT) Finish, and sizing is a 17×9.0 +28 all around.  For those curious, these were ordered in a custom drilled 5×100, which is an available option in sizing where it is not offered standard.

(Source: Sleepy Wagon)

Posted this one up a while back, but came across this photoshoot on Stance:Nation. This Honda S2000, owned by Hansen T., was done through Concept Racing in Texas, who are responsible for many of the aggressive “swang and bang” setups in the area.

Wheels are WORK Emotion XD9 in WORK Metal Buff (WMB) Finish. Sizing is an 18×9.0 +38 F & 18×10.0 +38 R.

(Source: Stance:Nation)

Thanks to Cass F. for giving me the heads up on this Acura RL on Cardomain, belonging to username “AmBiGuOuS626.” Wheels are WORK Varianza T1S in WORK Black Chrome (WBC) Finish with Step Rim option. Sizing is a 20×8.5 F & 20×9.5 R.

Thanks also to photographer Julian Morales, who shot the image shown.

(Source: Cardomain)

Thanks to Albert J. who sent in pics of his Toyota Yaris S Sedan on WORK Emotion CR Kai in Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish. Sizing is 17×7.0 +42 (effective +37 with 5mm spacer) all around.

(Source: Micro Image)

Thanks to Joseph Curphey for sending in pics he shot of this Nissan Silvia (S15) on discontinued WORK Equip 5 Spokes in custom black finish.

Thanks to Jason K. for sending in pics he shot at a recent event in Chicago. This Nissan 350Z (Z33) belongs to Larry K., who I’ve featured previously, now with some new revisions.

Wheels are WORK Meister S1 3P in Gloss Black (BLK) Finish.  Doesn’t get more classic than this.

Here’s an Acura TSX on WORK Varianza T1S in Matte Black (MBL) Finish with Black Anodized Rim.

(Source: #1 / #2 / #3)

Thanks to Jojo C. for sending in his Toyota Prius on discontinued WORK RSZ-R wheels. Old school wheels meets new school technology. Sizing is 15×7.0 +35 all around.

Thanks to Mokoto K. from Japan for sending in his USDM Mazda MPV, which he had imported into Japan.

Wheels are WORK Meister S1 3P in Black (BLK) Finish, and sizing is 19×8.5 +36 (O-Disk) F & 19×9.0 +42 (O-Disk) R, with a 235/35/19 F & 235/35/19 R.

Thanks to Jerry H. for sending in pics of his Acura NSX on WORK Meister S1 3P wheels in Black (BLK) Finish.

He’s running an 18×8.0 F & 19×10.5 R, but he’s keepin the keys to the offset vault.

“Many often wonder what makes WORK Wheels so strong? WORK focuses much of its technology in rim forming. Our rim barrel is what really sets us apart. Many companies focus on the phrase “Forged”, but that only pertains to the center disk construction. The rim barrel is what takes most of the load of the vehicle; having a forged center disk with spun rim barrel really doesn’t make much difference in the strength (this applies to two and three piece construction wheels).

WORK Wheels is one of the only companies in the world to develop and utilize a “Solid Rim Flange.”  The photo is a cut-away view of our two piece rim barrel. As you can see the rim flange is solid and our barrel thickness is thicker than most of our competitors.”

(Source: WORK Wheels USA)