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Thanks to JT N. for sending in his VW GTI on WORK Meister S1 3P in custom finish w/ gold assembly bolts. Sizing is an 18×8.0 +12 F & 18×8.5 +28 R.

(Source: Scott Chu Photography)

Logan December 26, 2012

Thanks to Kenny S. for sending in some updates on his Subaru STi, which has been posted previously. On his set of WORK VS-XX in Burning Silver, he re-barreled them, resulting in an 18×10.5 +28 (R-Disk) sizing all around.

Recently, he chose to change it up to a set of WORK Emotion CR Ultimate in White (WHT) Finish. Sizing is an 18×10.5 +23 all around.

(Source: Matt Doscher Photo)

Thanks to Carlos R. for sending in his Toyota Supra on WORK Meister S1 3P in Black (BLK) Finish.

WORK Wheels USA is excited to release a new collaboration with ACRYLICK®, a Los Angeles based clothing company. Acrylick believes in providing a product that allows their wearers to express their original spirit from what they feel within. In the same fashion, the customization available with WORK Wheels allows one to visually express their personal style on their vehicle. Both companies share the same ideologies and believe in promoting self-individuality. Click here for more details about this collaboration.

The shirt that resulted from this partnership is available in 3 different colorways:

This is the ACRYLICK + WORK Collaboration T-Shirt in Black/Golden Yellow.

This is the ACRYLICK + WORK Collaboration T-Shirt in Royal Blue/Golden Yellow.

This is the ACRYLICK + WORK Collaboration T-Shirt in Heather Gray/Olive Green.

Included with every t-shirt is a 4″ sticker, which features the design from the Black/Golden Yellow shirt.

Many of you have been itching for a sticker and apparel to represent, so this is your chance! Pick up this collaboration in the WORK Wheels Online Store or the Acrylick Online store.

(Video Credit: Special thanks to / Driver: Lance Feliciano / Video: Edmyr Barayang & Greg Bermoy)