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Thanks to Damon Y. for sending in his Nissan 240SX (S13) on WORK Emotion CR Kai in custom silver painted finish. Sizing is a 17×9.0 +17 F & 18×9.5 +12 R, with a 215/40/17 F & 235/40/18 R.

(Photo by Damon Young)

Thanks to Michael D. for sending in his BMW Z4M on WORK Meister S1 3P in Matte Gunmetal (MGM) Finish w/ Matte Black Anodized Barrel & Black Finish Assembly Bolts. Sizing is an 18×9.5 F & 18×11.0 R.

(Photo by Christian Debnar)

Thanks to Robb S. for sending in this video update on his newly painted Subaru WRX (w/ built STI motor) on WORK Emotion 11R in custom Asphalt Black powdercoat. I previously covered this vehicle here.

(Video by oneninety8)

Logan February 18, 2013

Thanks to WORK Wheels Japan for sending Balance Japan’s Nissan Skyline Coupe (V35) on WORK Emotion CR Ultimate 19″ in White (WHT) Finish. Sizing is an aggressive 19×11.0 all around with a 245/35/19.

19″ is a new addition to the Emotion CR Ultimate line, and is available for pre-order through WORK Wheels Authorized Dealers.

(Special thanks: Murata)

Thanks to Paul F. of Bushido for sending in coverage he did of Pat G’s Subaru WRX on WORK Emotion CR Ultimate (Deep Concave) in White (WHT) Finish. Sizing is an 18×9.5 +20 all around.

(Source: Bushido)

Thanks to Johne S. for sending in his Toyota MR2 on WORK VS-XX in custom powdercoated white finish. Sizing is an 18×9.5 +3 (A-Disk) F & 18×10.5 +3 (A-Disk) R, with a 215/35/18 F & 245/35/18 R. This is his second set of WORK Wheels as he previously had WORK Meister S1 3P.

Thanks to Jonathan O. for sending in his Scion tC on discontinued WORK VS-KF in Chrome (M) Finish. Sizing is an 18×9.5 +15 F & 18×9.5 +10 R.

(Source: Jon Ok Photography)

Thanks to Allen T. from Beijing for sending in his Infiniti G25 Sedan on WORK Meister S1 3P in Gold (GLD) Finish. Sizing is an 19×9.5 +24 F & 19×10.5 +23 R.

Logan February 7, 2013

Thanks to Angelo W.K for sending in his Mitsubishi Evolution 8 on WORK Emotion XD9 in White (WHT) Finish.

(Source: Aleks.b Photography)

z_anhelo_l Thanks to Eric E. for sending in his Nissan 350Z on discontinued WORK Equip Anhelo wheels. He had 17″ models re-barreled using aftermarket step rim barrels to make an 18″ application.