I Put In WORK . com

Apparently it’s possible. Thanks to Carlos M. for sending in this video of his Honda Civic (EG) on WORK Meister S1 2P in White (WHT) Finish.

(Source: WYMC Carlos’ Dumped EG6 from John Falco)

Thanks to Jakob A. for sending in his Nissan 240sx (S14) on WORK Emotion XT7 in Matte Gray Silver (MGS) Finish. Sizing is an 18×9.5 +12 all around with a 225/40/18.

I came across this Stance:Nation feature of Christoffer G’s Audi A4 on WORK Schwert SC2 in Black Polish (BP) Finish. Sizing is a 19×10.5 +5 F & 19×11.0 +10 R, with a 235/35/19 F & 245/35/19 R.

(Photo by HellbergsBilvard.se for Stance:Nation)

Thanks to Benny W. from Run It Hard! for sending in his well used Nissan Skyline (R33) on WORK Meister S1 3P in custom finish.

(Source: Run It Hard!)

While online, I came across this Stance:Nation feature of an Acura NSX on WORK Meister S1R in Bright Buff Finish (BBF). Sizing is an aggressive 18×9.0 +10 F & 19×10.5 -10 R. Wheels are shown with optional WORK Meister S1R/M1R centercaps.

(Photo by Jon Tran for Stance:Nation)

Thanks to Willie G. for sending in his Scion xB on WORK Emotion CR Kai in Matte Bronze (MHG) Finish. Prior to this set, he’s also owned two other sets of WORK Wheels (WORK Varianza D3S & WORK Meister S1 3P).

Thanks to Tyler H. for sending in his Infiniti G35 on WORK VS-XX 19″ in Burning Black (BKB) Finish.

Thanks to Steven C. for sending in his Audi A4 (B7) on WORK Meister S1 3P 18″ in Silver (SIL) Finish.

(Photo by C.M. D’Angelo Photos)

Thanks to RavSpec for sending in their customer Chris Hill’s Lexus IS350 on WORK Meister S1 3P 19″ in Gold (GLD) Finish.

(Photo by Slammedenuff / Tim Acang)