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Logan September 30, 2013

Thanks to Junior I. for sending in his Subaru WRX on WORK Emotion CR Kai in Matte Bronze (MHG) Finish. Sizing is a 17×9.0 +38 with a 235/45/17.

(Photo by RLH Photography)

Logan September 30, 2013

Thanks to Howard R. for sending in his Subaru STI on WORK Emotion CR Ultimate in Matte Black (MBL) Finish. Sizing is an 18×9.5 +38 (Deep Concave Face) all around.

While on Flickr, I came across this photo of a slammed Subaru WRX on WORK Emotion XD9 in White (WHT) Finish.

(Photo by J.H.Photography)

WORK Wheels USA just added 18×9.0 sizing to the USA exclusive Matte Blue (BLE) Finish on the WORK Emotion XD9! In addition to the already released 18×10 sizing, it is offered in 18×9.0 with a +20/+38 (5×114.3) and +38 (5×100). Perfect for those who want a staggered fitment, or want a less aggressive square setup.

For more details, please visit: 18×9.0 Sizing in Matte Blue on Emotion XD9!

Thanks to Connor M. for the heads up on this video of Jonathan P.R. & Matthew P.R.’s Honda Civic on WORK VS-XX in Gold (GLD) Finish.

(Video by HR Photography & Films)

Thanks to RavSpec for sending in their customer Peter T’s Lexus LS460 on WORK Gnosis CV202 21″ (Step Rim) in Gold (GLD) Finish.

They also sent in their customer Andrew H’s Infiniti G35 on WORK Gnosis CV201 20″ (Full Reverse) in Light Metallic Gold (LMG) Finish.

(Photo by RavSpec)

Logan September 26, 2013

Yesterday, we posted up a video of the Lexus IS200 owned by Mattias S. Here’s a shot from a separate StanceNation feature. Wheels are WORK Gnosis GS2 18″ in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish.

(Photo by Hellbergsbilvard.se exclusively for StanceNation.com)

Thanks to Mattias S. for forwarding this video of his Lexus IS200 on WORK Gnosis GS2 in 18″.

(Video by recreation)

While on mazdafitment.com, I came across Nick I’s Mazda RX7 (FD) on WORK Gnosis HS203 in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish. Sizing is listed as a 19×9.5 +9 F & 19×11 +0 R.

(Photo by Andrew at BXPhoto for mazdafitment.com)

Logan September 25, 2013

Thanks to Felipe AF for sending in his BMW 1M Coupe on WORK Gnosis GS2 19″ in Burning Black (BKB) Finish.