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Came across this shot of David S’ BMW Z4 on WORK Schwert SC2 in Black Polish (BP) Finish.

Sizing is an extremely aggressive 18″/19″ staggered setup, as seen here.

Bonus pic of Joseph D’s Honda Accord also on WORK Schwert SC2 20″, but in Machine Silver Polish (MSP) Finish.

(Top photo by Jon Tran exclusively for StanceNation.com / Bottom (2) photos by seankhemm photography)

Nice closeup shot of @g35_brian’s Infiniti G35 on WORK Meister S1R in Feinheit Silver II (FS2) Finish.

(Photo by Wreckless Productions)

Logan November 27, 2013

Thanks to Jayson S. for shooting this photo of a WORK Meister CR-01 in Polished (PP) Finish.

(Photo by Jznsn2u Photography)

Thanks to Overboosphotos for shooting Jose T’s Subaru WRX on WORK VS-XX in Burning Black (BKB) Finish, shown with optional WORK “W” center caps.

(Photo by Overboosphotos)

Thanks to V I N Photography for shooting Alan L’s Acura TL on WORK Gnosis HS202 20″ Step Rim in Brush Silver Clear (BRU) Finish.

The same vehicle was shot also by K2M Photography, as shown here.

(Top photo by V I N Photography / Bottom photo by K2M Photography)

Logan November 27, 2013

Thanks to Jonathan B. for sending in his BMW 3 Series E30 on WORK Meister S1R in Bright Buff Finish (BBF).

Sizing is a 16×9.0 -6 (A-Disk), which has a 4.8″ lip.

Logan November 27, 2013

Thanks to Kory L. for sending in his Mitsubishi Evo on discontinued WORK Emotion 11R-FT in GT Silver (GTS) Finish. While the 11R-FT are discontinued, those wanting the same look should go with the WORK Emotion 11R.

(Photo by Kory Leung Photography)

Thanks to the folks at Dyno-Comp for sending in their customer’s Infiniti G37S Sedan on WORK Gnosis CV201 19″ Full Reverse in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish w/ optional anodized polish barrel finish. Sizing is a 19×9.5 +32 (R-Disk) F & 19×10.5 +40 (O-Disk) R, with a 245/40/19 F & 275/35/19 R.

(Source: Dyno-Comp)

While on timscribbles.com, I came across Jay B’s Scion FR-S on WORK Emotion CR Ultimate in Matte Black (MBL) Finish. Sizing is an 18×8.5 +38 (Semi-Concave Face) F & 18×9.5 +38 (Deep Concave Face) R.

(Photo by Matt Willis for timscribbles.com)

Thanks to Jack N. for sending in his Nissan 240sx (S13) on WORK VS-KF (discontinued) in Burning Black (BKB) Finish. Sizing is a 18×9.5 +7 F & 18×11.0 +20 (effective +12 with spacer) R, with a 225/40/18 F & 265/35/18 R.

In addition, he also has another Nissan 240sx on WORK Emotion CR Kai in Matte Bronze (MHG) Finish. Sizing is a 17×9.0 +17 F & 18×9.5 +12 R, with a 225/45/17 F & 245/40/18 R.

His friend Ryan E. also has a Nissan 240sx (S14) on WORK Meister S1 3P in Bright Buff Finish (BBF) with optional gold assembly bolts. Sizing is 18×9.0 +7 F & 18×10.0 +5 R, with a 225/40/18 F & 255/35/18 R.

(Photos by Boost Infested)