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rcdrift_xsa02c Randy C.V, a reader of the site, recently hit me up asking if he could submit pics of his WORK Wheels. He seemed a bit hesistant, since they were off his R/C car, but I’m all for that! For those that are unaware, popular R/C manufacturer HPI Racing makes officially licensed replica R/C WORK Wheels. In this case, he chose to go with WORK XSA-02C wheels in Gold.

rcdrift_emotionxc8 In addition, he also has a Supra, which is equipped with WORK Emotion XC8 in White Finish. The detail and time R/C owners dedicate to their cars is amazing. It even has tiny WORK Wheels and WORK Emotion XC8 decals!

hpiracing_meisters1 Out of the WORK lineup, HPI Racing makes replica wheels of the WORK XSA-02C, WORK Emotion XC8, and the WORK Meister S1 (shown to the left). R/C cars have really come a long way, and almost require the same level of modification required to that of a real car. In fact, in similar fashion to it’s counterpart, you can choose various offsets to order the wheel in so you can make it more or less flush to the body.

For those that are interested in finding out more about these R/C cars, Randy is a part of the Touge Knights RC team.

(Source #1/#2: Jay Ebue Photography, Source #3: HPI Racing)