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Logan May 13, 2009

Thank you for visiting I Put In WORK.

This blog is all things WORK Wheels, from the perspective on my day to day hustle.

The purpose of this is to catalog images and information regarding WORK Wheels to make it easier for enthusiasts to find images quickly and efficiently in one arena.

With that being said, I have a lot of respect for the other high quality wheel lines from Japan & the rest of the world. My agenda isn’t to breed hate or negativity, but rather promote a movement to continue using high quality wheels and products.

In the majority of instances, I am not the photographer of the image, and it is not my intention to claim that I am. For that reason, all images I post have a “source” where I give credit to where I found the image. I understand that photo ownership is a critical and very personal topic of a photographer. For that reason, I always give photographer credit whenever I am aware of the photographer. If you see an image with a miscredit (or no credit on it), please feel more than free to contact me directly.

This is an “unofficial” blog, and all statements and information posted here (unless stated otherwise) will be my thoughts and opinions only.  Since I am most often not the owner of these vehicles, I am relying on what I see, read, and recognize to determine what information I put down.

For those interested in obtaining more information regarding WORK Wheels, you can contact any WORK Authorized Dealer or view the current lineup for WORK Wheels here.

For those interested in submitting their WORK Wheels images, please contact me.

*Update 12/5/14: Due to time constraints, I am currently not taking vehicle submissions. I do appreciate those that have emailed and my apologies that I am unable to upload everyone.

So with that being said, please enjoy.

Logan @ WORK Wheels USA