I Put In WORK . com

Came across this Nissan 240sx (S14.5) on WORK Emotion XD9 in White (WHT) Finish.

(Photo by Elaine Domingo)

While on K. Chow Photography’s Flickr, I came across Brandon’s Toyota Camry on WORK Gnosis HS201 Step Rim 19″ in Matted Silver (MSL) Finish.

(Photo by K. Chow Photography)

Thanks to Denis A. for sending in his Subaru WRX on WORK VS-XX in custom polished finish. Sizing is an 18×11.5 +7 with 295/30/18.

(Photo by Justin Chapman Photography)

Thanks to Kevin M. for forwarding this shot of Michael E’s Subaru STI on WORK Emotion XD9 in White (WHT) Finish.

(Photo by K2M Photography)

Came across this Subaru STI on WORK Meister S1 3P in White (WHT) Finish.

(Photo by Kraft Photography)

Thanks to Chris M. for sending in his Nissan 350Z on WORK Durandal DD5.2 in Calm Silver Cut Clear (CFP) Finish.

Sizing is a 19×10.0 (R-Disk) F & 19×11.0 (O-Disk) R, which clears his upgraded OEM Akebono big brake kit.

(Photo by Chris Minshall)

Thanks to Jowell M. for sending in his Honda Accord on WORK VS-XX 18″ which were custom polished. Sizing is an 18×10.0 +26 F & 18×10.0 +21 R, with a 215/40/18 all around.

(Photo by Colin Kagel for Grip-Set.com)

Logan December 26, 2013

Thanks to WORK Wheels Japan for sending in Balance Japan’s Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) on WORK Zistance Yamato (Limited Edition). Sizing is a 19×11.0 +6 (R-Disk) F & 19×12.0 +23 (W-Disk) R.

(Photo by WORK Wheels Japan)

Thanks to Showstoppers USA for sending in their Scion FR-S on WORK Emotion XD9 in White (WHT) Finish.

(Photo by Thomas Nepo)

Thanks to Taka S. for sending in his Acura TSX Wagon on WORK Gnosis HS203 in Brush Silver Clear (BRU) Finish.

Sizing is a 19×9.0 +30 (O-Disk) F & 19×10.0 +30 (O-Disk). He also chose to customize the center caps by having them painted candy apple red.